Cloudland Cabin Cam September 1 - cool with light rain, and delightful outside!

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Prints Of The Week - God Beams (above); Dew Grass (below)



09/01/14 The sky was filled with flashes of light at 5 this morning (looked like a thunderstorm down south somewhere). Treetops danced and twisted to the beat of high winds tossing them around. Every now and then the winds would ease up, and sometimes come to a complete stop - dead still all around. And then I could hear them - in fact the "silence" of the wilderness was quite LOUD! Many different species of night bugs and tree frogs screaming. And then a barred owl would cry out - he was in a nearby tree and his voice crystal clear. Another owl would answer. Then another pair would strike up a conversation off in another direction. And a third pair - or had one of the other owls moved to a new location? At one point I heard five of six different owls calling out. As the wind picked up again the bugs and birds vanished into the rhythm of the breezes.

By dawn the air was completely still, no owls, and bugs and frogs seemed to have gone to sleep, with only a chorus of crickets keeping up the music. The landscape had gotten lighter, but the sky remained dark, and a layer of clouds moved closer to the ground. By 9am we had a very soft light rain with cool temps. Yup, I believe we have left summer behind, and are seeing the beginning of early autumn in the High Ozarks.

There is a box filled with puppy toys over there in the corner of the cabin. The pups have a few favorites, but most of the time they prefer items they harvest from outside - rocks, leaves, plants that have been ripped out of the ground, and sticks, lots of sticks. For a while the cabin would be littered with many different sticks, each one having been debarked - and so there were scraps of bark all over the floor as well. I would sweep everything up at least once a day, and toss out all the sticks. Then my lovely bride came up with a brilliant idea. She selected two debarked sticks and kept them - one long and skinny, the other shorter and fatter with a fork. Whenever we would collect the toys and replace in their toy box, those two sticks would go in the same box right along with the store-bought toys. Son of a gun, those two sticks are almost always the first to the dogs select to drag out of the box and play with! And since the bark has already been removed, the cabin remains a lot cleaner - my wife is a genius!

The other "toy" we've figured out to use are ice cubes. Whenever the pups get to being especially "chewy" we pull out a pair of ice cubes - they LOVE them! And not only are they great to relieve pain from their teething, but our pine floor is so slick, it is like an ice hockey rink in here with the pups are running around chasing those ice cubes! When the pups first arrived we removed all rugs and pushed the furniture out of the way so the room is mostly open and they have a large rink to move around in without messing up too much. (FYI, I made one final post for August yesterday the 31st)

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