Cloudland Cabin Cam, February 12 - Orion breaking through the clouds early this morning in a nearby meadow

Journal updated Tuesday the 9th

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02/01/16 ...The winds finally calmed down and the forest is taking a breather...

02/02/16 We had a nice shower early this morning but no thunder boomers. The front passed quickly, and high winds have returned. The landscape got a much-needed and refreshing drink. But we really need a LOT more RAIN! What began as a very nice wet winter has stalled, at least in our part of the Ozarks. We're still hoping for lots of rain to come. In the meantime:


02/03/16 I left the cabin before daylight heading for a doc's appointment in Springdale, but the color of clouds at dawn stopped me as I was passing through Boxley Valley. This is certainly one of the "vortex" areas on the planet, where good vibes, great light, and sweet air come together. I had a few moments to admire it all at the historic church - this is where our weekly yoga class meets, so it was my second time there this week.

I spent much of the day in the doc's office and on the road (it's a three-four hour drive roundtrip to get most anywhere from our cabin). I'm starting to get more allergy treatments using NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Techniques). They helped me a great deal my first go-around two years ago, but I've had additional issues this past few months so have started a second round. Turns out that I'm allergic to sugar, and was treated for that today. In order to complete each treatment, I must avoid the item for 25 hours after treatment. I found it amusing - and quite ironic - that our DENTIST was coming over to the gallery this evening (in fact she brought us dinner). She was overjoyed to hear that I had to avoid all sugar, ha, ha!

She is an amazing artist and we spent the evening photographing more than 40 of her paintings. Many were framed, and the ladies (our dentist and my lovely bride) spent a good bit of time un-framing and re-framing the pieces (I mostly just stood around and took pictures).


02/04/16 It was very early this morning when I wandered outside to do something and noticed how INCREDIBLE the night sky was - of my goodness there were a ZILLION stars! With low humidity and the air being just scrubbed clean by the cold front that moved through, that air was crystilline-clear. I set up my camera up in the front yard just to record the moment. Note to self - GET OUT AND TAKE MORE STAR PICTURES!


Pam's Christmas quilt for Amber:


02/09/16 At 3:45am yesterday morning I was out hiking up a steep hill (no need to ask me why - I'm just nuts). No moon and only starlight. As I was slowly making my way up the hill - huffing and puffing some very frigid air - all of a sudden the forest floor all around began to light UP. I stopped and looked up in time to see a BRILLIANT SILVER "earth grazer" meteor streak across the northern sky just above the horizon (and right below the Big Dipper). Holy SMOKES it was BRIGHT! It was an amazing sight - so much explosive power, yet not a sound - it was so quiet I could hear my heart pounding from the climb - or was it from the spectacle before me? Don Kurz told me many moons ago that earth grazers are those meteors that enter the atmosphere and track close to your visual horizon, then burn up with so brightly.

I spent a good part of yesterday in the doctor's office getting more allergy treatments - this time for sensitivity to iron, grass, and YEAST! They handed me a list of things I could not eat nor come into contact with for 25 hours, and also a list of things I could eat - white rice, potatoes, chicken, and cauliflower. So for lunch and dinner yesterday and breakfast today I dined on white rice, chicken, and cauliflower. When the clock stuck 25 hours early this afternoon, I sat down with a giant salad, toasted tortilla, and a Skinny Cow chocolate bar that was the BEST dessert I think I've ever had! (must have been the SPAM factor). I return to the allergy doctor tomorrow - each trip brings me a step closer to getting off all allergy medicine (at least I'm hoping) - and some day perhaps I'll even be able to sit down and eat an entire load of hot french bread again (I've been highly allergic to yeast my entire life).

All the birds have disappeared from the landscape - poof, just like that. They've been gone for a couple of days. We've had dozens of different species all over the place for weeks now. I did see a flock of geese heading north the other day - I wonder if the other birds took notes and followed them?

Speaking of birds, my lovely bride and I spent some time exploring an area of the Buffalo River headwaters area near our cabin that neither of us had been to before. It was a beautiful warm afternoon - almost spring like. We followed along a creek that tumbled over smooth boulders into emerald pools. The banks on either side were level and filled with giant beech trees - in fact the forest was alive with golden beech trees, both small and tall ones. Beeches keep their leaves during the winter, and sunshine really lights them up. Anyway, we saw many old trees that had been ravished by large woodpecker - probably pileated ones. Some trees had piles of sawdust nearly a foot deep at their bases! Either the peckerwoods were really hungry, or those dead trees were filled with juicy bugs. For a while we were seeing the pileated woodpeckers several times a day no matter where we went. They seemed to have disappeared too.

Tonight is another beautiful, crystal clear night with zillions of twinkling stars everywhere. I need to go work off that extra Skinny Cow chocolate bar I had for dinner tonight so I think Wilson and I will head back up the hillside - perhaps we'll see another shooting star or two...


Pam has been fixing up the guestroom at Cloudland - the sunrise out that window is wonderful!

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