CLOUDLAND JOURNAL - DECEMBER 2023 (click for previous months)


Little Bluff cabin cam, December 6 - some sort of thistle pods in the front yard at dawn - a brisk 29 degrees with a bit of frost on the forest floor (actually no frost in the forest - only on the leaves and grass in the open areas) - HAPPY WEDNESDAY TO YOU!

Our canvas gallery will be OPEN this Saturday AND SUNDAY for walk-ins, 12/9 and 12/10, from 9am-3pm - click here for directions and more details. (also open most any other days and times by appointment - like TODAY!)


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Just FYI - there are less than 300 of our new 2024 ARKANSAS WALL CALENDERs left at our distributer (we have a few at the gallery available for pickup). We expect those to sell out before Christmas, SO if you want any I would recommend ordering now from our Distribution partner - the University of Arkansas Press here - these ship from their warehouse (in Chicago) in 5-10 days so you still have time to receive them before Christmas. As the days go by we may or may not have any at the gallery - if interested please contact me and I'm happy to set some aside for pickup if we have them in stock.

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12/05/23 Did a quick hike yesterday evening to the base of the "Bee Bluff Pillars" (just upstream from the Steele Creek Campground, UPhill to the base of the bluff - no trail). We are into the very best season to hike in the High Ozarks - hope you get the chance to be outside and ENJOY!