This years program (November/December 2020) will be - ARKANSAS GREATEST HITS - 45 Years Of Wilderness Photography From "The Natural State." Tim's brand new picture book (his 20th), featuring 150 of his most popular and favorite color photos of wild Arkansas during his 45-year career as a nature photographer, all put to music. A large selection of picture books, guidebooks, 2021 Arkansas scenic calendars, Arkansas Greatest Hits DVDs, and a selection of our special Black Mat Prints will be available before and after each program at SPECIAL SALE PRICES.

2020 Fall Slide Programs Schedule will be updated as we get dates confirmed
(all shows obviously subject to pandemic conditions at the time)

All programs are free and open to the public.



If your group would like to have Tim Ernst give one or more of his slide program movies, please e-mail Tim for details. Fees for the programs range from free to expensive (the normal fee is $2,500 plus expenses). The programs can be tailored to fit your group's individual needs, and usually range in length from an hour to an hour and a half. We prefer groups of 100 or more people. Please note that we do not give programs to school groups or civic clubs.

FUND RAISING EVENTS. We charge $2,500 to give a program at a fund-raising event featuring one of our slide programs. Book sales are optional.

*As a general rule, non-commercial programs during November and December to groups of 100-200 people or more that are open to the public for no charge are often free (we normally do not give programs to civic groups, school groups, church groups, garden clubs, book clubs, etc.). All others usually require a fee. We get hundreds of requests per year for programs, and with the minimum time required of us being at least 17 hours of work for a single program, we must charge a fair fee to cover our time lost from normal work, travel, and other expenses. E-mail for a specific quote for your group.

If the program is to be during the day, a room WITHOUT ANY windows is preferred - curtains or blinds will help, but the room really needs to be DARK. Also, it is helpful if there is a projection screen in the room - the bigger, the better. If no screen is available, we will bring one (max size for travel is 9' x 12'). All other equipment is provided by Tim Ernst, including a special digital projection set up, computer, and stereo system (we will not use your equipment - our slide program movies will only run correctly from our computer, through our projection and stereo system). It takes about an hour to set this equipment up and test, and this must be done before any guests arrive, so the room needs to be available at least an hour early.

Autographed copies of Tim's picture books, hiking trail guidebooks, calendars, and prints will be for sale before and after the program. We request that three eight-foot tables be made available for the display and autograph area, plus a chair.

All programs are color slide shows put to music, with one image dissolving into the next, creating a movie. The shows are introduced with 5 - 10 minutes of information, with a question and answer session afterward. A single movie normally lasts 20-25 minutes. Two slide show movies can be combined for longer programs, up to an hour and a half. There is no additional cost for this. Discussion can be on a wide range of subjects, including nature photography, wildlife, wilderness preservation and hiking.

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